Areas of Focus

Criminal Defense:

Vetvick Law excels at providing fast, effective, and reasonably priced criminal defense representation. Understanding your rights and the consequences that you face when the government brings criminal charges against you is paramount.

Vetvick Law can provide support and represent you in traffic cases, misdemeanors, felonies, and DUI/DWI defense. Don’t settle for less — Vetvick Law will fight for your rights. The burden of proof rests on the government and the government alone. They must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that one committed the alleged offense. You are entitled to a lawyer who will keep the government honest and Vetvick Law will do just that. Vetvick Law holds the government to their strict burden of proof and will guard your rights and liberty from over extension and unfair and unjust practices.


Vetvick Law will provide expungement services to clear up past mistakes and prior convictions. Recognizing the innate injustice of a criminal record that can cause any number of issues with background checks for credit, housing, or employment opportunities, Vetvick Law will help you clean up your record so that you are no longer treated as a second class citizen.

Family Law:

Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce:

Going through a divorce is a difficult and stressful process. Protecting your rights to your property, savings, and retirement accounts is very important. Knowing how to negotiate and ensure that you are safe from

Child Support & Child Custody:

The best interest of the child standard is used when calculating the physical and legal custody of your children. Looking at and disclosing your personal finances is how child support awards are determined. These two and are interrelated and you need to understand what truly is in your child’s best interest. Often times, a child support amount is unsatisfactory and needs to be adjusted in order to truly protect your children and yourself. Further, custody rights change as individual circumstances change. Vetvick Law can handle your initial child support and child custody proceedings, or Vetvick Law can help you make necessary adjustments to promote justice, fairness, and help provide for the safety of your children.

Guardian Appointment Services:

As people age or experience trauma it can become necessary to protect them from predatory people and entities. Vetvick Law can help provide the necessary information as to what to look for when trying to protect your loved ones.

Orders for Protection

Small Business Risk Management:

Recognizing risk is pivotal to operating a small business. When budgets and cash flow are limited, identifying possible risks is necessary to running a small business; one simple mistake or oversight can mean the difference between making it or having to file bankruptcy. Vetvick Law is here to provide risk management services in the form of auditing your small business and identifying the risk factors that can lead to claims against your small business. Vetvick Law can not only identify the risk factors, but they can ensure that you are protected against such claims and that you are in compliance with federal and state law.