About Vetvick Law

Vetvick Law strongly embraces a perspective on the practice of law that is fully dedicated towards working closely with clients to satisfy their ongoing legal concerns. Vetvick Law is client focused and centered on advocacy and ensuring everyone is able to receive effective legal representation.

Adam J. Vetvick began his career as a case manager working in the Twin Cities with local governments and community-based agencies serving individuals and families. His commitment to social justice and interest in pursuing a career in social services led him to explore professional opportunities in Chicago. His increasing awareness of social and political forces that impacted the lives of the clients whom he met with each day continued to strengthen his ongoing desire to advocate for individuals, families, and communities within the criminal justice system. His passion for serving people and for expanding his knowledge and understanding of the law steered him in the direction of obtaining a law degree.

He graduated with honors from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago and began his career as an attorney. He worked as a civil litigator for large financial institutions where he traveled all across the state of Minnesota representing his client’s interests in district court. He has made dozens of trial appearances and worked an extensive motion practice that has allowed him to familiarize himself with nearly every county courthouse in Minnesota.

He then moved to Washington, DC where he held a non-practicing position that worked on behalf of national and international law firms. His time in DC taught him how to build relationships that would foster and meet his client’s needs and it was there that he began the plan to open his own practice; a practice that would be client focused, client centered, and client driven.

As the founding attorney with Vetvick Law, Adam works tirelessly to protect his client’s rights and to ensure that his clients are heard. He brings his experience from Chicago and DC to his hometown of the Twin Cities, as well as his passion and dedication to his clients, his community, and to the pursuit of justice.

Adam J. Vetvick is licensed in Minnesota State & Federal Court